Arduino hack day in Milan

I had the pleasure to join on the 19th of June the second day of the Milan Arduino Camp: the hack day.

There were six groups (composed by less than ten persons each) which had the goal to build in one day a working robot capable of avoiding obstacles.

Pieces were mostly (but not only) extracted from broken printers (motors, transistors) and the heart of the robot obviously was an Arduino board (in our case an Arduino Uno).

Although not perfectly working at the end of the day (due to time constraint), our Cicciobot (“ciccio” means fat in italian) placed second in the final standings.

The Cicciobot

It has been a fun and very instructive experience, albeit very short and stressful (everyone was aiming at the first place!).

And I had the possibility to phisically know people since that moment known only by their nicknames…


4 thoughts on “Arduino hack day in Milan

      • Yes I use their library but I have cicle but not text. I use a chiptkit max32, do I need to change some parameters? (TCR,…)

      • I’m very sorry but I don’t have the possibility to test your board so I think I cannot help you.
        Buy an Arduino (few bucks…) 😉
        Or post the same question to the CafeLogic website.

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